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Thompson Elementary
1110 18th Ave. SW
Vero Beach, FL 32962
Phone: 772-564-3240
We are proud that our school utilizes PBS to maintain high expectations in behavior. PBS is a term that refers to the application of positive interventions and system change; making the problem behavior less effective.
North County Charter
6640 Old Dixie Hwy
Vero Beach, FL 32967
Phone: 772-794-1941
Fax: 772-794-1945
Imagine Schools at South Vero
6000 4 th Street
Vero Beach, FL 32968
Phone: 772-567-2728
Fax: 772 410-0329
Imagine Schools at South Vero is a free, public K-8, charter school in the School District of Indian River County. We are also offering a private, fee based, pre-k program. Enrollment will be determined by the number of spots available. If you are interested in enrolling, don't wait - get your spot before they are gone!
Liberty Magnet
6850 81st Street
Vero Beach, FL 32967
Phone: 772-978-8500
Fax: 772-978-8503
The faculty and staff at Liberty are all exceptional. They are very excited and prepared to start the new year. We are all fortunate to have purchased a curriculum that is integrated as well as coordinated with all subjects.
Glendale Elementary
4940 8th St.
Vero Beach, FL 32968
Toll-Free: 772-978-8098
Phone: 772-978-8050
Glendale Elementary is primarily designed to serve the educational needs of children between the ages of five and eleven (Grades K-5). These are the formative years. A time when our youngsters can develop traits of social adjustment and academic fundamentals in our ever-changing and complex society. Our school provides varied activities formulated to guide each student throughout program at a rate conducive to his level of intelligence and interest.
Gifford Middle
4530 28th Court
Vero Beach, FL 32967
Phone: 772-564-3550
Fax: 772-564-3561
Gifford Middle would like to welcome you and your child. We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year. Your child will be placed on a team or teams in which each have their own supply list. To check the supply list just click on the team your child belongs to. Also please check out the Handbook to find out our rules and regulations. These are also in the front of the "Student Agenda" that every student receives at the beginning of the year. Hope you have a great year.
Wabasso School
8895 US Highway 1
Sebastian, FL 32958
Phone: 772-978-8000
Built in 1925, historic Wabasso School is the only school in the Indian River County School District, that is located directly on US1. Nestled among orange groves on 8 acres, this school provides a peaceful setting for students and faculty alike.
Beachland Elementary
3350 Indian River Drive East
Vero Beach, FL 32963
Phone: 772-564-3300
Beachland Elementary School has a long history and tradition of excellence. Our mission is to create an environment where all children can be successful. We accomplish this by providing quality instruction of the Sunshine State Standards in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, Media, Physical Education and Music.
Rosewood Magnet
3850 16th St.
Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: 772-564-3840
Fax: 772-564-3888
Rosewood Magnet School is recognized by the State of Florida as an �Honor Roll� School. Our success is attributed to the many �traditions� inherent to Rosewood�a dedicated staff, a welcomed family atmosphere and a commitment to academic excellence. The dedication of both our staff and parents provides for a caring, nurturing environment and creates many opportunities for our students to succeed.
Storm Grove Middle School
6400 57th St.
Vero Beach, FL 32967
Phone: 772-564-6400
Fax: 772-564-6321
We are so excited to have you join our Stingray Family. Our website will provide you general information and announcements. Please be sure to check this site and our online school calendar regularly for updates. Thank you.
Sebastian Charter Junior High
782 Wave Street
Sebastian, FL 32958
Phone: 772-388-8838
Sebastian Charter Junior High is a free public school that was created by a group of concerned parents in 2000. These parents saw the need for a school of choice for their students who were about to enter middle school. After many dedicated hours of service, a private corporation was formed to govern Sebastian Charter Junior High (SCJH)
Sebastian River Middle School
9400 County Road 512
Sebastian, FL 32958
Phone: 772-564-5111
Sebastian River Middle School and Sebastian River High School are authorized IB World Schools. We are certified by the International Baccalaureate Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. The two schools form a partnership to offer a program of academic challenge in which students become global citizens of the world.
Sebastian Elementary
400 Sebastian Blvd.
Sebastian, FL 32958
Phone: 772-978-8200
Sebastian Elementary School is home to just over 700 students this 2005-2006 school year. We are a State of Florida "A+" school for the third year in a row! We�ve also achieved Federal Annual Year�s Progress (AYP)! Our Principal is Mrs. Patricia Donovan with a faculty and staff of just over 70. Sebastian Elementary has the most Nationally Board Certified teachers in Indian River County!
Sebastian River High School
9001 90th Ave.
Sebastian, FL 32958
Phone: 772-564-4170
Sebastian River High School first opened its doors to a 'New Tradition' in Aug 1994. The school, costing over $27 million to build, occupies 173,043 square feet that sits on an eighty acre parcel. Sebastian River High school was definitely the Taj Mahal of schools in Indian River County.
Oslo Middle
480 20th Ave. SW
Vero Beach, FL 32962
Phone: 772-564-3980
Fax: 772-564-4029
The mission of Oslo Middle School is to link learning to life by creating a formula that empowers young people to obtain goals by creating an academic atmosphere designed to develop knowledge, discipline, character and technological skill with the guidance from teachers, staff, parents, and the community.
Vero Beach High School
1707 16th St
Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: 772-564-4620
Vero Beach High School�s rich tradition of excellence in academic, career-technical, extra-curricular, and arts programs proves the foundation for a safe and nurturing environment that addresses the students� diverse talents, interests, and abilities as we further prepare them to adapt to the challenges of ever-changing local and global communities.
Indian River Academy
500 20th St. SW
Vero Beach, FL 32962
Phone: 772-564-3390
Fax: 772-564-3443
Dr. Lillian Torres-Martinez is a firm proponent of high academic standards and will strive to further enhance the academic rigor and academic excellence at Highlands Elementary. Her professional goals are to make significant contributions to the field of education with respect to curriculum, innovative programs and effective instructional practices.
Vero Beach Elementary
1770 12th St.
Vero Beach, FL 32960
Our Mission: To support staff, students, and families to improve positive behavior with a focus on increasing academic achievement.
Freshman Learning Center
1507 19th Street
Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: 772-564-4820
Fax: 772-564-4720
Pelican Island Elementary
1355 Schumann Dr.
Sebastian, FL 32958
Phone: 772-564-6500
Pelican Island Elementary is built upon excellence; excellence of our teachers, its staff, and most importantly our students. By working together we have again earned the status of an A+ school with full AYP. This is a wonderful accomplishment that could not have been achieved without the entire support of the community.
Treasure Coast Elementary
8955 85th St.
Sebastian, FL 32958
Phone: 772-978-8500
The newest addition to the Indian River School District, Treasure Coast Elementary continues in the District�s mission to �educate and inspire all students to succeed in their endeavors, pursue life-long learning, and be contributing members of their community.�
Indian River Charter High School
6055 College Lane
Vero Beach, FL 32966
Phone: 772-567-6600
The mission of the Indian River Charter High School is to give its students the opportunity to develop a new set of competencies and foundational skills that will help them enjoy a productive, full, and satisfying life. This school will be a high performance organization.
Osceola Magnet
665 20th St.
Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: 772-564-5821
Fax: 772-564-5827
Through the use of an integrated curriculum and thematic units students are able to see the interconnectedness and importance of all curricular areas. Mathematics, science, reading, language arts, and social studies are interwoven to help students understand the relatedness of the disciplines.
Fellsmere Elementary
50 N. Cypress St.
Vero Beach, FL 32948
Phone: 772-564-5970
Fax: 772-564-6020
We, the educators of Fellsmere Elementary, strive to instill a love for learning in a positive and safe environment.

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