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Homeless Family Center

Homeless Family Center
720 4th Street
Vero Beach, FL 32962


Imagine if you are homeless, sleeping in your car with 3 children. How difficult would it be to drive your children to school, get a shower and get to work? Many of us think "why don't they just get a job" when passing the homeless on the street. How difficult would it be for you to keep your job without necessary resources, like having a place to live? Many individuals in this county are working poor - just a paycheck away from being homeless.

The Homeless Family Center "helps families help themselves" by providing temporary emergency shelter to homeless singles and families. The new Stark Family building provides transitional housing to those families that need additional time to fix problems that caused their homelessness. We provide resources like employment counseling, case management, budget counseling to help end homelessness. Our children's programs teach self esteem and provide counseling.

Because of the strained economy, the need for our services is expanding, while our funding is decreasing. Last year alone we turned away 374 individuals that needed our help. Last year we sheltered 239 individuals. This year with our new transitional shelter, we will be able to provide more to those individuals who need our help. Our shelter and transitional housing facilities can provide 18,890 bed-nights and 56,940 meals in a year. We need your help to end the cycle of homelessness.

  • Homeless Family Center helps families help themselves.
  • Emergency Shelter - provides short-term shelter to families.
  • Transitional Housing - provides long term shelter to families who require extended help to solve problems. A comprehensive approach is taken to help families get back on their feet.

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