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Superior Auto Service of Vero Beach
1212 23rd St.
Vero Beach, FL 32960


Step Back in Time to When Your Mechanic was your Trusted Friend
Who Kept Your Wheels on the Road

As a certified Master ASE mechanic, with all the experience and knowledge of an "old school" car enthusiast, Bill Marion provides the expert customerimg_1302-counter-800.jpg service you expect from any professional. Honesty, integrity, and quality customer service are the values this family owned business adheres to. 

Superior Auto Service has been serving Vero Beach residents, from the same location, since 1987. Bill has invested in the latest computer diagnostic equipment making it quick and easy to find any problems your img_1286-vet-600.jpgautomobile may have thus saving you time and money. Bill earned his Master Mechanic’s credentials when he was an 18 year old ‘gear head’ and still enjoys working on the classics along with all types of foreign and domestic automobiles, trucks and anything else with a motor.

“PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE is probably the single most important thing you can do to keep the engine of your vehicle in top running condition and REDUCE costly repairs” says Bill. According to a recent survey by the Car Care Council:

*54 percent had low tire pressureimg_1293-lift-800.jpg
*38 percent of cars had low or dirty engine oil
*28 percent had inadequate cooling protection
*19 percent needed new belts
*16 percent had dirty air filters
*10 percent had low or contaminated brake fluid


  • chevelle-800.jpgCOOLANT SYSTEM FLUSH: We use effective cleaners to flush the system of old coolant along with dirt and deposits. We then install new coolant (up to 2 gallons) and add our coolant conditioner / lubricant.
  • AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE: Stop and Go driving, the warm Florida climate, tailoring and other factors can be very hard on your vehicle's transmission. All of these things lead to excessive heat and undue stress on fluids & internal components.
  • BRAKE SYSTEM FLUSH: Flushing your brake system will help improve performance, prevent costly repairs and extend the life of vital components.
  • POWER STEERING SERVICE: We clean the power steering internal components to remove varnish and heat-caused deposits, and then add new power steering fluid and a conditioner that enhances the fluid and helps prevent heat-related damage.img_1289-front-800.jpg
  • DIFFERENTIAL SYSTEM SERVICE: The differential gears need to be kept lubricated and heat levels low. This important system allows your vehicle's wheels to turn at different speeds as you go around corners.
  • FUEL SYSTEM SERVICE: Comprehensive fuel induction services clean intake valves and other vital components, and includes our fuel and emissions for continued cleaning.

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