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Justin Stamper

Vero Beach, FL

Phone:828 223-9990

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I received my high school diploma in 2002 from Chase High School in Forest City North Carolina. Shortly thereafter from August 2002 through November 2008 I was employed by Fred Fraley's Custom Homes. When I first started working with Fred Fraley my position began simply as a helper and then within the first year I was promoted and retained the position as a full time carpenter. Though my position was strictly as a full time Carpenter, I was always willing to pick up the slack and perform any task that our current job required. Through my many years with the company I laid off, framed, trimmed, installed cabinets, pressure washed, formed driveway's, and landscaped residential style homes. I also installed many types of flooring such as all sorts of tiles, hardwoods, and ect. During my time with the company I also remodeled rental homes which included painting, cleaning, installing new flooring's, and ect. I started this job pretty much straight out off high school.

I also have experience working on both domestic and import vehicle's. I have been working on car's since around the age 16. I have performed many oil changes, clutch installs, motor swaps, tune ups, ect. Though I haven't had a position as a mechanic in an actual shop I have been what I guess you would call a backyard mechanic.
I am also working with a temp service so I have some industrial experience. I have been working at a warehouse in Spartanburg called RockTenn which deals with cardboard.

I am a very hard worker and a very quick learner. No matter the job I am always willing to go above and beyond whatever my current job requires. I pride myself in always being prompt and ready to work. Due to current economical issues I have gone far too long without holding a current steady position and am in desperate need of not only a means to support myself but a job which pushes me to work as hard as I can and the full time hours needed to get a good days worth of work done. If you need any references just let me know. I am ready to work hard today and am simply waiting for my next opportunity to come along so I can put myself completely into the task at hand and leave at the end of the day with that accomplishment of a hard days work. I just recently moved to the Vero Beach area. So please contact me anytime at 828-223-9990 or 828-245-2881. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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